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Welcome to my Website!

I enjoy creating Spiritual and Intuitive Art including

Digital Art, Encaustic Art, Fractal Art, Mandalas,

Soul Portraits, Crystal Grids, Acrylics, Resin Items and Poetry.


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I work intuitively to create images on the computer using the mouse as a paintbrush.

You can see more of my work on my Digital Art Page.

I also create Mandalas that can be used for Healing and Meditation.

Encaustic Art is created using coloured beeswax and electrical tools and I have been painting with an iron since 1997. I love the vibrancy of the colours and wonderful three-dimensional textures that can be achieved. Each painting is unique and I tend to paint Fantasy and Abstract pieces as you will see on my Encaustic Art page.  

If you would like a Unique Soul Portrait created then please contact me. All that is needed is the name of the person it is intended for and I will channel an original painting that may be used for Meditation, Healing, Contemplation or Inspiration.
Please see my
Soul Portraits & Poems page for more details.

I have also included some of my Poems together with my Artwork on this page and they are available as Prints.

I also enjoy creating Little Dragons, Angels & Hearts from Resin and, just like Encaustic Wax Paintings, each one is unique. I can create them in colours of your choice but the patterns are completely random. Sometimes they also contain tiny healing crystals – collecting crystals for Healing is another of my passions/addictions!

Please visit my Resin Dragons & More Page to see them.

Please visit my Resin Dragons & More Page to see some of my other Mixed Media Artwork in Acrylic, Silk Painting, Pastels, Alcohol Inks, and Watercolour.

You will also find just a small selection of my Photographs that I use as inspiration for my Artwork.


About the Artist - Elaine Jones

Elaine Jones was born in Scotland and now lives in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire in England.  Art has been a passion for Elaine ever since she can remember and she has always enjoyed a wide variety of creative hobbies.  

Elaine delights in using her computer to design original Spiritual and Intuitive Digital Art in prismatic colours. All Artwork is available as Prints or on Canvas and she particularly enjoys painting Angels, Dolphins and Dragons! Collecting crystals is another passion and you can find a selection of Crystal Grids that have been created using Elaine's Artwork on the Digital Art page. 

Undoubtedly Elaine's favourite pastime is working with hot, coloured beeswax to produce original Fantasy and Abstract Encaustic Art using an electric iron, heated stylus pen, hotplate and heat-gun.  She loves the vibrancy of the colours and wonderful three-dimensional textures that can be achieved and the fact that each Encaustic Wax painting is totally unique and can never be repeated.

The way that colour can affect our moods fascinates Elaine and this, together with her interest in Reiki Healing, has led her to create unique Soul Portraits for people.  These may be used as an aid for Meditation, Healing, Contemplation or Inspiration and can make an unusual gift – all that is needed is the name of the person it is intended for. 

Writing poetry is another hobby that Elaine enjoys and she has shared some of her poems on the Soul Portraits & Poems page. These can be purchased as Prints with a choice of Elaine's Artwork used as backgrounds.

Recently, Elaine has been creating Little Dragons, Angels & Hearts from Resin and just like her Encaustic Paintings, each one is unique. You can find some on the Resin Dragons & More page, together with a selection of more traditional media such as Acrylics and Silk Paintings. Over the years Elaine has taken many Photographs to use as inspiration for her artwork and just a few are displayed on this page, too.

Elaine has been Artist in Residence at Nature in Art Museum and Art Gallery at Twigworth in Gloucester where she has also taught Encaustic Art Workshops and her Artwork has sold in the UK and abroad. 

This website contains just a small sample of Elaine’s work. If you would like to see her latest artistic creations, please visit her "Elaine Jones Art by Elaine" Facebook Page at

Please email if you have any queries or if you would like to discuss a commission.





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Thank you for taking the time to visit my Website. Have a look around and get to know me. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please email me at to get in touch or you are very welcome to visit my Facebook Page.


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