Soul Portraits by Elaine Jones

Using Elaine’s intuitive abilities, she tunes into the very core essence of you – the Soul. The soul is the expanded spiritual part of us that knows our purpose, lessons and gifts.

Through the medium of channelled art utilising Encaustic Wax Art and Digital Media you receive the most beautiful, vibrant and expressive masterpiece – only for you.

This intriguing process is performed remotely and therefore Elaine only need know the recipient’s name.

Written by Kelly Peacey from Finding Light




A selection of some of the Soul Portraits I have created.

I have been doing healing since 1991 and I have always been fascinated by the way colour affects our moods. My love of painting has intertwined with my interest in Reiki healing and I am amazed by some of the images that appear at times when creating my artwork. The feedback from the recipients of some of these paintings has inspired me to explore this avenue even further.


All I need to create a unique Soul Portrait is the name of the person it is intended for. The next step is for me to sit quietly and “tune in” to that person, and then wait for inspiration! I never know beforehand what form the art will take, what media I will use, nor even the colours it will consist of. It is a spontaneous and most exciting procedure!  Some people like to use their Soul Portrait as an aid for Meditation, Healing, Contemplation or Inspiration – but that is always something that is very personal to each individual.


Commissions normally take about 4 – 6 weeks depending on my workload (possibly a little longer during the summer months) although your painting may be completed sooner for a special occasion if you let me know when ordering - but do please contact me to check first. You are very welcome to email me at if you would like further information.



4 x 3 inch Painting including mount/mat - £25.00 plus P&P

6 x 4 inch Painting including mount/mat - £45.00 plus P&P

8 x 6 inch Painting including mount/mat - £65.00 plus P&P

12 x 8 inch Painting including mount/mat - £110.00 plus P&P

16 x 12 inch Painting including mount/mat - £190.00 plus P&P


I accept payment by PERSONAL CHEQUE, BANK TRANSFER or by PAYPAL for UK Buyers, but regret that I can only accept payment in POUNDS STERLING via PAYPAL for purchases from Overseas Buyers.

Items will be shipped as soon as payment has cleared.

Channelled Poems

I'd like to share some of the channelled poems I have written during my Meditations.

They can be printed onto Prints of my Artwork.

Please email me at if you would like to purchase any.

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